Bell Sleeves and Light Denim

Bell Sleeves and Light Denim

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Saturday was such a fun day! My mom and sisters were in town for a visit and the first thing we did was grab coffee at a new shop that just opened in downtown Coppell. It’s called George: Coffee + Provisions, and it’s so dreamy!! If you live in the DFW area, I highly recommend you visit. The atmosphere is amazing and their coffee is so delicious.

While Max was taking a nap in the afternoon, I snuck away with my sister to photograph one of my favorite purchases from the Nordstrom Sale. I know everyone is so tired of seeing the N Sale all over their feed, but they really do have some great deals right now! This sweater is so comfy and only $30! I love that there is a fitted sleeve under the bell sleeve. It’s definitely a little warm for this 100 degree weather Texas is having right now, but I know it will be on repeat all winter long. It’s almost sold out in grey, but it still has a few sizes left in blue, and of course, it will likely be restocked after the sale. I’m wearing a Medium.

I’m so bummed because I wanted to link my bag as well, but it’s already sold out. I’m pretty sure it will be restocked after the sale, but it will likely be full price. If it comes back, I will be sure to let y’all know. It has the cutest little gold firefly! I think it’s around $45 at full price, and it also comes in black.

These jeans!! Let me tell you about these jeans. They are high waisted, super fitted, and so comfy! They are my first pair of Topshop jeans and I love them so much. I went up a size because Topshop denim typically runs small. They will  stretch while you wear them, but I still recommend going up a size. I was rushing to get dressed for pictures and totally didn’t realize that I had forgotten to cuff one of my legs! After pictures my sister said, “Oh, I thought that was the new style or something.” Haha! Definitely not.

My shoes are from Target and I like that they have block heels, otherwise I wouldn’t be able to walk in them. I need a wedge or a block heel to balance because I’m absolutely terrible at walking in heels. They are super cheap and go with everything. I hope everyone has a great week, and I will talk to y’all again soon! 🙂

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5 Summer Beauty Favorites

5 Summer Beauty Favorites





Today I’m sharing 5 of my favorite beauty products for summer.

1. Donna Karan Cashmere Mist Deodorant
I never thought I’d be this excited to write a review about deodorant but y’all, this stuff is WONDERFUL. I will never go back to regular deodorant. It smells amazing and it lasts all day no matter how active you are! I can go to work, hit the grocery store, pick up Max from school, make dinner, pass out by accident without changing to pajamas (it’s been known to happen once or twice), wake up the next morning wondering why I’m still in jeans and I still smell great!! The price is a little scary, but I promise it’s 100 percent worth it. You can find it at Ulta or Nordstrom.

2. Wet N Wild Bronzer
I had to follow my expensive antiperspirant with an amazing deal. This bronzer is the holy grail of bronzers, and it’s only 3 dollars! It gives the perfect, light, matte glow and it stays on all day. It’s similar to Hoola by Benefit but way less expensive. I’ve tried bronzers at every price point (In college I thought orange was a good look), but this cheap little bronzer is a slice of heaven. The only con is that the powder in the compact does break easily, so you can’t carry it around in your makeup bag. It will last you months If you keep it safe at home on your bathroom counter.

3. NARS Illuminator in Copacabana
I had my makeup done at the NARS counter a few months ago and was introduced to this. I’ve never been the biggest highlight fan. I’ve tried quite a few, including Becca, but I just end up looking like a disco ball. This highlight adds a beautiful glow to my extremely pale skin and it’s long lasting in the Texas heat. To apply, I swipe a tiny amount over my cheekbones and cupid’s bow.

4. IT Cosmetics Full Coverage CC+Cream With SPF 50
I used to think CC Cream = barely any coverage = only for people with perfect skin. I was totally wrong. I have uneven skin tone with redness like you wouldn’t believe, along with dark circles that I got the day I became a mother. I was using thick foundation thinking it would solve my skin issues, but it just made everything worse. This CC cream was recommended by one of my favorite bloggers and I decided I had to give it a try. I’m extremely happy I did because It goes on so light and evens out my skin tone perfectly! Bye bye redness and see ya later dark circles! I put this on every morning and it’s crazy how using just this alone completely brightens and evens my complexion. I use this in the lightest shade with my favorite NARS concealer in Chantilly and they go together perfectly. I feel like my skin can breathe now!

5. Dior Creme De Rose Smoothing Plumping Lip Balm
Okay y’all please don’t make fun of me for owning a $30 dollar lip balm, let me explain first! My best friend (Hey Anne 😘) let me borrow this when we were on a trip together. I put it on over my lipstick and fell madly in love. I’m constantly wearing lipstick because I have a small obsession with matte pink lips, so I feel like my lips are constantly dried out no matter how moisturizing the lipstick I use is. This balm keeps my lips moisturized for hours and I love how it feels! I now carry it with me everywhere. If you need more persuading, just look at the reviews 😊

I hope you enjoyed this post! Stay tuned next week because I have an awesome giveaway happening. Enjoy your weekend! xoxo

Relaxed Peplum Top

Relaxed Peplum Top


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I ran to Gap last Friday with Max to pick up a few things. I was there on a mission to get shorts for Max and pajama pants for Michael. I planned to stroll right past the women’s section, but Max was so content watching Moana in his stroller that I figured why not, I could take a peek, just to make sure there wasn’t anything I “needed”. Well it turns out I absolutely needed this top. I have a weakness for anything with ruffles right now. I ended up wearing it on Mother’s Day to brunch and got so many compliments.. It’s made out of 100% cotton and SO comfortable. I bought it in black (my favorite color), but it also comes in light blue and white.

If you got a chance to read any of my posts so far, you’re probably sick of seeing these shorts! I’m sorry but I’m totally living in them. đŸ™ˆđŸ™ŒđŸ» I linked them below along with another pair I’ve been swooning after. I also linked the pajama pants I bought for Michael on Friday because he actually ended up loving them, which is crazy because he’s so picky. The bottom of the leg has a slim opening like jogger pants. They look so good on him!

Peplum Top / Shorts / Also love these shorts / Sandals / Max’s shirt / Max’s shorts / Max’s shoes / Michael’s pajama pants

I added some of our attempted Mother’s Day pictures below just for fun. I have given up on trying to get Max to take a picture with me. He’s constantly moving and always a little blur in photos!

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Striped Oversized Button Up

Striped Oversized Button Up

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Michael has a button up striped shirt from college that I claimed as soon as I saw it hanging in his closet. I’ve worn it hundreds of times to sleep in and get ready in. It has a huge gash in one of the sleeves but I still continue to wear it 😂 I was in Gap one day and came across this oversized striped button up and fell in love once again. It’s nice because this one doesn’t have holes and I can actually wear it in public!

I like to tuck the front part of this shirt into jeans for work, and then I’ll do the same with shorts on the weekend. This shirt is slightly oversized and and it’s stayed that way even after several washes. I linked it below along with the Levi’s shorts I’m wearing. I also linked the cognac bag I’ve been carrying everywhere lately! So many pockets and It’s on sale for only $32 right now at Target. 😊 I hope everyone has a wonderful week. It will be Friday before we know it! xoxo
Gibson Ruffle Sweatshirt

Gibson Ruffle Sweatshirt

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Gibson is one of my new favorite brands at Nordstrom! All of their tops right now have the prettiest sleeves and ruffle details. My style has completely changed since having Max. I used to shop with the intention of wearing things out to cocktail hour and girls night, but now I find myself buying comfortable clothing that I can wear to the office, the grocery store, and the park with Max. One of my favorite bloggers once mentioned  that she loves to buy “napable” clothing and that stuck with me. I want to be able to go to church, hit the grocery store, and take a nap all in the same outfit. That might make me lazy, but I just hate changing throughout the day!

This sweatshirt is actually perfect for these awkward weather transitioning months in Texas because it’s so light. Last week we had some chilly days, and now its supposed to 85 all week. Typical Texas weather. Yesterday I wore this top with some Levis shorts that are SO comfortable and a pair of sandals I found at Target. I went and got a manicure with a friend, took a nap with Max, and then ate dinner and listened to some live music with the boys and some of our friends. I could live in this top and the best part is that it’s marked down! It was $59 and now it’s on sale $35. It’s almost sold out in grey but it also comes in the prettiest navy color. There’s also a striped version of this with short sleeves that I want! I’ll tag everything below. 🙂

Thank you for stopping by and I hope everyone has a wonderful week! xoxo

Gibson Long Sleeve Top / Similar Gibson with Short Sleeves / Levis Shorts / Target Sandals

7 Awesome Products You and Your Toddler will Love

7 Awesome Products You and Your Toddler will Love

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When I find a product that I love for Max, I get so excited and want to share the news with every mama I know! Fun Fact: I’m one of those people who writes the long reviews on Amazon that no one reads. Yes, I know I’m a total nerd!

Here are 7 products that we use daily and love.

1. Boon Ripple Bath Mat

Max uses the same tub as Michael and I, so I’m kind of a nut about keeping it clean. I bought the Boon Ripple Bath Mat and instantly fell in love because you can fold it in half and hook it on your shower head to dry after every bath. We’ve had it for a few months now and it still looks sparkly clean. I just make sure to give it a good rinse with hot water and cleaner every now and then. This mat is also super long and covers the entire bottom of our tub. Max loves it because it’s comfy to sit on and I love it because it’s functional.

2. Boon Fluid 10 oz. Sippy Cup

I really wish cups would stop claiming to be spill proof when they aren’t. So frustrating! Also, who has time for cups with 5 different parts that you have to take apart and clean?! There are so many moms and dads out there who are currently searching the bottom of their dishwashers and cupboards to find missing cup pieces. I decided no more! I went online and ordered the Boon Sippy from Amazon and now it’s one of our favorites. The Boon Sippy has only two parts, it’s spill proof, and it’s easy for Max to grip! I twist the cap off, fill it up with water or orange juice, twist the cap back on, throw it in my bag and not a drop spills out.

3. Baby Dove Rich Moisture Shampoo (Tear Free!)

Dove just launched a new line called Baby Dove. I was really excited about this and picked up a bottle of Baby Dove shampoo last weekend at Target. After the first night of using Baby Dove I noticed how much softer Max’s hair was! His little curls used to get so tangled and dry with our old baby shampoo. Now his hair looks so much healthier!

4. Radius Totz Plus Toothbrush

Why do toddler toothbrushes have the tiniest set of bristles? Those little bristles make it so difficult for me to brush even half of Max’s teeth while he’s squirming around. The head of the Radius toothbrush is wide and the bristles are really soft, which is perfect because we don’t miss any teeth while we help him brush.

5. Up & Up Training Pants from Target

Let me start by saying I am not a potty training expert. I think that is extremely clear if you saw my Instagram post from last week. However, I have tried multiple brands of training diapers, and the Up & Up Training Pants from Target are my favorite and the most affordable. These training pants have tabs on the side, they don’t leak, and the material is actually great quality for the price. The side tabs are also easy for Max to undo when he has to use the potty. We prefer them to the training diapers without the tabs.

6. Peter Rabbit Organic Fruit Pouches

These fruit pouches are made with 100% USDA certified fruit and NO added sugar. Each pouch counts as one of your child’s “5 a day” fruit/veg servings. Max has one of these as a snack and he’s completely full, which is crazy because the boy loves to eat and he’s never full! I’ve purchased MANY other fruit pouches but he just sucks them dry like they are nothing and wants 2 more. These Peter Rabbit pouches come in multiple yummy flavors. Max loves apple grape and strawberry banana! So far I’ve only seen them sold at Starbucks, but you can purchase them for much cheaper on Amazon in packs of 10.

7. Cetaphil Baby Daily Lotion

Max has eczema on his legs and occasionally his cheeks. We use prescription cream when he has flair ups, but this Cetaphil lotion works great for daily moisturizing. It’s made with organic calendula, sweet almond oil, and sunflower oil. It’s also Paraben free and Colorant free. Max’s skin has completely transformed since we started using this and he doesn’t need his prescription creams nearly as often. I would recommend this to anyone who has a child with dry or sensitive skin.

Please feel free to comment, message, or email me if you have any questions about these products. Thanks so much for stopping by and I hope you have a wonderful weekend! xoxo