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You’ve probably seen Jord watches (prounounced YODE) all over your Instagram feed lately. Jord is growing popularity quickly because of their unique wooden timepieces. My husband Michael had a hard time choosing his new watch because they have so many different colors and styles! He ended up choosing the Koa and Ash style in the Frankie series. The watch arrived in a beautiful wooden box and was even nicer than we expected! I love the large grey face and the wood looks so pretty against Michael’s tan skin. So far he’s worn it with button down shirts and golf polos. It honestly looks great with everything and he says it’s really light on his wrist.

A few days after the watch arrived, it actually went missing. We were freaking out and searched everywhere but we couldn’t find it. Weeks later, after we had given up searching, the watch reappeared in the strangest place! I was straightening out our TV on it’s wall mount and all of a sudden I heard a huge “clunk”. I panicked and thought I messed up the wall, looked down and there was the watch! We think Max (our toddler) got his hands on it, threw it, and then it must have landed perfectly behind the TV on the mount! We seriously couldn’t believe it and we were so happy to have it back! We also found tons of legos on the floor behind the cabinet under our TV, so Max must have went on a throwing frenzy 🙈 Lesson learned, don’t leave nice things around toddlers! I can also now say with 100 percent certainty, Jord watches are made to last and can withstand being dropped or thrown. Now that Michael has the watch back, he’s worn it to work every day since.

I’m giving away a $100 gift code to Jord so that you can purchase one of these watches for yourself or as a gift! One lucky person will win, but everyone who enters will receive a $25 consolation code once the contest ends. Contest ends August 20th at 11:59pm. Click the link below to enter!

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