On the Table Workshops with The Iman Project + Lavender & Mint Designs

On the Table Workshops with The Iman Project + Lavender & Mint Designs









I’m so excited to share a little more detail about the workshops I’ve been raving about all summer! Before I share the details, I want to give a little background on why Bree’s workshops have meant so much to me. When I became a mom, I realized right away how hard it was to get away and do things by and for myself. I remember being pregnant with Max and telling my friends, don’t worry, I’ll still see y’all all the time. We can go to brunch and I’ll bring Max! Little did I know, attending brunch with a newborn is not relaxing. When I brought him with me, I would only be halfway listening to my friends while struggling to keep my sweet baby calm in the middle of a busy and loud restaurant. Of course my husband could have watched him, but any mom knows how hard it is to get out and do things alone, we like to spend time with our babies!

As Max has grown older, I’ve mourned the loss of my independent self. I’ve learned that if I go too long without having “me” time, I get burnt out. Spending time with Max and Michael and ignoring everything else is just too easy. When Max turned 2 I realized a few things, the first being that I had unconsciously retracted myself from my closest circle of friends. The thought of meeting a new friend was laughable, because I barely made time for the ones I had. I also realized that trips to Target during my lunch break and a rushed 30 minute pedicure had become my “me” time. That made me extremely sad, because REAL me time looks like this (in my opinion):

1. Coffee early in the morning by myself, spending time in the word, writing in my journal, and talking with Jesus.

2. Sharing a meal with a close friend. When we say goodbye, I walk away refreshed and my heart feels like it’s about to burst, because we have a ++ relationship. We both uplift each other and we don’t drain each other’s energy ( + – or – – )

3. Coffee by myself or with a friend followed by a real fancy mani/pedi, the kind where they bring out the hot rocks and wax!

You may have laughed reading these, because what mom has time for things like this regularly? We don’t! But guess what, it’s extremely important that we MAKE time for ourselves, and not feel bad about it, otherwise we risk losing ourselves completely. Earlier this year I was at that point, drained and feeling terrible that I wasn’t able to connect with friends and spend time on myself like I once so easily was able to do. Bree Clarke, creator of The Iman Project + Lavender & Mint Designs helped me get out of the rut I didn’t realize I was in. Bree and her husband own a local farmhouse table business here in Dallas. We met when I purchased the gorgeous table that is currently sitting in my dining area. A few months ago, I started seeing posts on her Instagram and Facebook for “On the Table Worskshops with a Purpose”. I texted my best friend and we both bought tickets to Bree’s floral design workshop. We arrived not knowing what to expect, but left feeling completely blown away. We created floral masterpieces, chatted with amazing women, and ate great food in a gorgeous atmosphere. When we left we could not stop talking about how much fun we had! We went home and immediately signed up for another event, this time a DIY succulent bar workshop. We had another amazing experience, and left feeling happy, refreshed, and ready to take on the week ahead.

Just when I thought Bree’s workshops couldn’t get any better, she announced a new kind of workshop series called MOMMY MODE: Celebrating Modern Motherhood. I attended her first Mommy Mode workshop in August by myself. I met some amazing mamas, including a few who are total mom bosses with their own companies. We chatted, talked about our kids, made our own candles, received mini makeovers, ate amazing food, (the food is always SO GOOD!) and we each took home a goody bag filled with fun treats. With each workshop, Bree creates a space where women can come together as strangers and leave as good friends.

Bree started On the Table and Mommy Mode workshops because she wanted to create an opportunity for women of all different backgrounds and walks of life to gather, relax, and have a great time. She understood that there were many women like me, in dire need of an excuse to get out of the house and connect while doing something fun! I am so thankful for Bree, her company, and her workshops, because they’ve not only inspired me to take more time for myself, but also to step out of my comfort zone and make new friends at 26 years old.

If you are interested in attending one of Bree’s workshops, please check out her Facebook and Instagram pages linked below to be kept up to date for future events and workshops. I’ve also linked three of her upcoming workshops this month! Be sure to sign up ASAP because spots fill up fast. 😊 You will not be disappointed! Her workshops are truly one of a kind. Also, if you are in need of a farmhouse table for an affordable price, contact her, because her farmhouse tables are seriously stunning!

Sep 16 – Frida Kahlo: Art Garden, Life Fall Painting Workshop 

Sep 21 – Texas Strong: A Hand Stamp for Hurricane Harvey Workshop 

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