5 Products to Create a DIY Blowout with Texas Sized Volume

5 Products to Create a DIY Blowout with Texas Sized Volume


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Rather than having hair that’s fully curled or perfectly straight, I like my hair to be somewhere in the middle. I love lots of volume and soft, smooth, light curls towards the bottom of my strands. When I use these 5 products together, I create the perfect blowout with healthy looking volume.

1. Drybar Sake Bomb Conditioner

Creating healthy looking volume starts with how you wash. I don’t like to spend 50 dollars on shampoo and conditioner. I have too many diapers and goldfish to buy right now! I currently use a concoction of this sake bomb conditioner ($24 but worth it! So moisturizing) along with my good ole L’Oréal shampoo ($5). That way I still splurge a little without getting crazy! My hair has transformed since I started using this conditioner! It feels so much healthier and I don’t have nearly as many split ends, which means I can go longer in between haircuts. It also smells like walking into a Drybar. If you’ve never been to Drybar, I highly recommend you go and treat yourself! It’s heaven.

2. Drybar High Top Rollers

Blow drying with a round brush can be exhausting and it takes me a while. I blame it on my extremely thick hair. I started using these rollers for the crown of my head and the pieces of hair that frame my face and now it cuts my blow dry time in half! I just allow my hair to dry 3/4 of the way, place these where I want, and secure them with clips. I blow dry the rollers until they get really warm, and then allow them to set while I do my makeup and blow dry the rest of my hair. I don’t work too hard on the rest of my hair because I know the rollers are holding the most important pieces that will frame my face and lay over the hair I’m drying. If you want to do your full head you might need a few boxes of rollers depending on how much hair you have. I actually plan on buying a few more boxes for days when I want extra curl and volume!

Tip for taking out rollers: It’s super easy to secure the rollers as long as you have some type of clip, but removing them used to stress me out. I remember first trying rollers in college and making my hair a tangled mess. I was like nope…these aren’t for me!  After some practice I’ve learned to take out one roller at a time. When I first take a roller out, the strand looks a little frizzy and there may be marks from the clips (My clips are metal and I probably need to try plastic). To fix this I just run over the strand 2 or 3 times with my dryer and round brush to smooth it out. That way I get a perfectly smooth strand with a light curl at the end (See pictures below). Using rollers help create light curl without much work, and that’s why I love them so much!

Frizzy strand right after taking out roller:
I run over the strand with a round brush and blow dryer, then set strand with hair spray and wa la!


3. Olivia Garden Thermoactive Ionic Boar Brush

This is the round brush I discuss using above. The large barrel on the brush is 3 inches wide and works great with my long hair. If you have shorter hair or if you want tighter curls, I would recommend getting a brush with a smaller barrel. I’ve watched so many youtube tutorials to try and learn how to use this thing and I’m honestly still not very good. Just always remember to hold the brush with your writing hand, and the blow dryer with your opposite hand. Also, aim the blow dryer down the shaft of your hair to help keep you hair smooth and to stop frizz.

4. Drybar Triple Sec 3-in-1 and TRESemme Hairspray

I cheated and put two products under #4 because I can’t live without either! This Drybar spray is one of my holy grail products. After I finish blow drying and all of my rollers are out, I tease my hair. I always tease at the crown of my head and use this spray before I tease. Triple Sec creates as little or as much volume as you want and also adds soft, matte, texture. I ran out of this last week and tried teasing my hair and it just wasn’t the same. It also smells amazing just like the Drybar conditioner! P.S. – Ulta is having a deal right now where if you spend $35 on Drybar products, you get a 3-piece mini gift set for free. This offer is valid through 6/3. You get a mini triple sec spray, dry shampoo, and dry conditioner!

This TRESemme hair spray is only 6 dollars and it beats all other expensive hairsprays I’ve tried. I’ve been using it since high school and I don’t plan on stopping. It holds curl so well and it doesn’t make your hair a sticky mess. Have you ever tried a hairspray and then it totally ruined the curl and volume you had going? This hairspray will never do that and it holds volume so well!

5. Spornette Little Wonder Teasing Brush

This wonderful little brush is on Amazon for under 6 dollars. I use it almost every day because it creates so much volume.

Okay so I tried to get a picture of the full look on Sunday, but Max desperately needed to lay down for his nap so I had to put the pictures on hold. We slept for two hours and then I rolled out of bed and this is what my hair looked like. I’ve got some bed head going on but it still held so well. That’s what I love about blow drying and using rollers! Your hair will still look good even when you’ve slept on it. 😊 It’s now Monday night and I can still smell the sake bomb in my hair. I didn’t do anything to it this morning before work except put a few rollers back in and blow them with my hair dryer. So easy!


I may be talking to just my mom and best friend right now but in case anyone else is here, thank you so much for reading!  I blew through everything a little quickly so if you have any questions please comment or message me. Hopefully one day I can work up the courage to make a youtube tutorial. Have a wonderful week everyone! xoxo


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